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Member Protection

The main objective of this policy is to maintain responsible behaviour and ethical and informed decision-making by participants in the Club. This policy outlines the Club's commitment to a person's right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected from abuse. This policy informs everyone involved in the Club of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are required. It also covers the care and protection of children participating in the Club's activities.

This policy applies to everyone involved in the Club including committee members, coaches, officials (umpires/referees), volunteers, players, non-playing members, parents of junior members and spectators.

Approved 25-Sep-16. See BTC_Member_Protection_v01.pdf.

Senior Selection

The Club supports an open and fair process for the selection of teams which is described in this policy. This policy is part of the implementation of the Beaumont Tennis Club's Member-Protection Policy and Codes of Conduct for Junior and Senior Tennis.

This policy applies to the Senior Coordinator and other members of the senior selection committee, junior players (under 18 years old) who are playing senior competition, adult competition players (at least 18 years old) & administrators (e.g. committee members).

Approved 5-Oct-17. See BTC_Senior_Selection_v01.pdf.

Injury / Illness

The Club maintains an injury / illness register which includes summaries of major and minor injuries or tennis-related illnesses occurring at the Club. This policy is part of the implementation of the Beaumont Tennis Club's Risk-Management Policy.

This policy applies to all members of the club. Club members are responsible for ensuring injuries or illnesses, to themselves or to others, are reported, with the consent of the affected person.

Approved 9-Jun-18. See BTC_Injury_Policy_v01.pdf.

Tennis Australia's "Extreme Weather Policy"

This policy details the suspension or cancellation of matches under conditions of heat and humidity extremely rarely (if ever) experienced in Adelaide. A summary is shown below. View the entire document.

Measurement of Thermal Comfort Level

The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is a recognised standard and the measurement which is to be applied by ATOs to determine the base level Thermal Comfort.

Determining the Thermal Comfort Level for the Location of the Specific Tournament/Competition

To ensure all tournaments and competitions conducted by ATOs are consistent, the 'Thermal Comfort Level' must be taken from the BOM website.
The reading shall come from the weather station closest to the location of the event (measured using the shortest path between two points) and always taken from the WGBT Shade column.
For ease of reference, the following Thermal Comfort URL's are provided for each State and Territory:
South Australia

1.2.2 Open Competition, Leagues or Events
  1. If the forecasted WGBT reading within 24 hours and up to one (1) hour before play is due to commence exceeds 34.0C, play may be cancelled and the communicated as broadly as possible to all clubs and participants.
  2. Where, during play the WGBT exceeds 34.0C, play must be suspended on completion of the current game.
  3. After suspension of play, if the WGBT remains greater than 34.0C for more than 90 consecutive minutes, play may be cancelled by the relevant official, administrator, team captain or club representative.
  4. Play can also be cancelled by mutual agreement of both teams within the 90 minute period outlined in 1.2.2(c).


Codes of Conduct for Junior and Senior Tennis

The Club aims to provide an environment where all kids learn, and adults practise, the skills and the etiquette of individual and team tennis, to win or lose gracefully while participating in a lifelong sport. These codes of conduct are part of the implementation of the Beaumont Tennis Club's Member-Protection Policy.

These codes of conduct apply to;

Approved 25-Sep-16. See BTC_Conduct_Code_v01.pdf.

Procedure for Reporting Complaints

Approved 25-Sep-16. See BTC_Complaints_Procedure_v01.pdf.

Procedure for Reporting Actual or Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

Approved 25-Sep-16. See BTC_Child_Abuse_Procedure_v01.pdf.