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Beaumont Senior Tennis

Senior Competitive Tennis

Enquiries: Ben Byrne (0448 149 964 or Nominations for EDTA/NETA summer competition (see below) closed 8th Sep.
We have four men's teams [divisions 2, 5 & 8(2)] and one composite team [division 1].

Beaumont Party - 8th Dec

From 6 p.m. Please let Ben or Garry know if you are are coming. For menu (pizzas & asian) and raffle prizes, see PDF.


Saturday afternoons - from 4 May to 31 August 2019. Teams comprised 4 men and competed with teams across the northern half of Adelaide.

Social Tennis

Social membership confers the right to play under lights (Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, mostly doubles) for the whole year, with payment of a nightly lights fee (if lights are used), and to participate in club events.


Saturday afternoons - from 12 October 2019. Teams comprise 4-8 men, 4-8 women or 2-4 women and 2-4 men, and play singles and doubles. Single-sex and mixed doubles competitions are also offered. Teams compete within the Eastern and Northern regions of Adelaide (Eastern Districts Tennis Association, North East Tennis Association). The competition will be run by Tennis SA.

Merger of summer competition with NETA in 2019/20

The EDTA has adopted a proposal to combine our senior summer competition with that of NETA. The format of matches will be different from previous EDTA competitions.

  • Men's competitions and Women's competitions are offered separately in traditional (two doubles + four singles matches) formats.
  • Formats for Men's and Women's competitions as follows;
    • 9 games singles, tiebreaker at 8 all,
    • 9 game doubles, tiebreaker at 8 all.
  • EDTA Composite competition is offered with the team composition changed to two men & two women (format: men's doubles + women's doubles + four singles matches).
  • Match start times will be as follows;
    • 1:00 pm Normal & Early matches,
    • 3:30 pm Late matches,
  • Currently NETA only provide split times upon request; this will continue for NETA clubs,
  • EDTA will provide early starts for all matches where possible and will only utilise the 3:30 pm start time where requested by the hosting club,
  • Clubs will be required to provide a minimum of 1.33 courts per tie.

Summer 2018/19

Saturday afternoons - from 6 October 2018 to 13 April 2019. Teams comprised 4-6 men, or 4-6 women and 4-6 men, and play singles and doubles. Teams competed within the Eastern region of Adelaide (Eastern Districts Tennis Association).

We had teams in men's only divisions 2 & 3 and composite division 2.

Malcolm Winneke award winner - Georgia Wallis

Congratulations to Georgia Wallis, female winner of the 2018/19 Malcolm Winneke award for "sportsmanship, court manners, attitude and dress". Georgia played in our divsion 2 composite side and has been a member of the club since 2013.

Best players for Summer 18/19

Calculated from results for the minor rounds having played > 3 matches.

PlayerSets %Games %
Andrew K9379
Jim C6754
Damien M5453
Georgia W5454
Darren B5052
Tai N5052
PlayerSets %Games %
Andrew K6458
Jason F6454
Jim C6453
Ben A6356
Damien M6152


Saturday afternoons - from 5 May to 1 September 2018 (more info). Teams comprised 4 men and competed with teams across the northern half of Adelaide.

This year, nominations will made online, between 6 March & 8 April. If you'd like to play, please let Ben Byrne (0448 149 964 or or Chris Bagley (0434 865 115, know.

2019 Club Tournament Results

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