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Beaumont Senior Tennis

Senior Competitive Tennis

Enquiries: Ben Byrne (0448 149 964 or

Beaumont Party - 8th Dec

From 6 p.m. Please let Ben or Garry know if you are are coming. For menu (pizzas & asian) and raffle prizes, see PDF.


Saturday afternoons - from 6 October 2018 to 13 April 2019. Teams comprise 4-6 men, or 4-6 women and 4-6 men, and play singles and doubles. Teams compete within the Eastern region of Adelaide (Eastern Districts Tennis Association).

We have teams in men's only divisions 2 & 3 and composite division 2.
See the draw, match locations and premiership tables

Best players for Summer

Calculated from results for the minor rounds having played > 3 matches.

PlayerSets %Games %
Andrew K8978
Tai N6760
Jim C6754
Jeff Q6453
Damien M6355
PlayerSets %Games %
Ben A6759
Damien M6755
Jason F6454
Jim C6453
Andrew K6157


Saturday afternoons - from May to September. Teams comprise 4 men or 4 women and compete with teams across the northern half of Adelaide.


Saturday afternoons - from 5 May to 1 September 2018 (more info). Teams comprised 4 men and competed with teams across the northern half of Adelaide.

This year, nominations will made online, between 6 March & 8 April. If you'd like to play, please let Ben Byrne (0448 149 964 or or Chris Bagley (0434 865 115, know.

Social Tennis

Social membership confers the right to play under lights (Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, mostly doubles) for the whole year, with payment of a nightly lights fee, and to participate in club events.

2018 Club Tournament Results

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Club Shirt

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